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Did you know that Childhood Cancer Research gets the LEAST amount of funding by the United States Federal Government. Less than 4% to be exact! That is appalling!!! Most adult cancers do not occur in children. The simple downsizing of adult dosage is where we are at now. The long term consequences of this treatment has demonstrated time and time again to be simply unacceptable! Without the proper funding directed at Children’s Cancer Research so many children would not get exactly what they need to cure their cancers safely and effectively.
TZE Contractor Supply is on a quest to raise money to cure childhood cancers. Join us on Saturday, June 7th at TZE Contractor Supply for our Grand Opening Celebration & St. Baldricks fundraiser. We are still looking for shavees so if you are interested in raising money to help these kids get the proper treatment they need contact me directly. If you want to help by making a donation you can log onto our website and follow the links to our fundraiser page. What would you do if your child was dealing with this?

TZE Contractor Supply
299 Main Street
North Reading, MA  01864


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