Exchange students from Spain need host families this summer

Amy St. Arnaud, Spanish teacher at NRHS, works with the company Holidays in America 
to bring students from Vigo, Spain to North Reading. This will be t he third year the 
program has run. Students come for 4 weeks and participated in a variety of sight-seeing and adventure activities. 
Mikayla Sweeney, grade 10, hosted a 15-year old girl names Macarena and made 
a life-long friend. She said, “ This summer was absolutely one of the best. Maca 
fit right into my family and she had so much fun with all my friends. We got the 
opportunity to do so many fun trips such as New Hampshire and Boston and did so 
many different activities. I not only had one of my best summers with her, I also met 
my best friend. I loved her so much and I recommend everyone to get an exchange 
student because it will be an experience you won’t ever forget.” If you are interested 
in learning more about the program and would like to consider hosting a student 
this summer, contact Amy St. Arnaud at amystarnaud@gmail.com


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