First-quarter honor roll at Austin Preparatory School in Reading:

Distinction: Luke Bouchard, Matthew Bouchard, Samantha Duff, Nicole Hemme, Abigail Lidoski, Rebecca LoCoco, Joseph Luongo, Victoria Thorpe, Scott Vinchesi

Honors: Jake Burgholzer, Brendan Carpenter, Robert Carpenter, Jonathan Catalano, Lino Centrella, Grace Choma, Caroline Collins, Andrew DeRoche, Ashlyn DeRoche, Matthew DeRoche, Michael Gannon, Stelios Koutsogiannopoulos, Yiannis Koutsogiannopoulos, Benjamin Lidoski, Elizabeth LoCoco, Patrick Lundy, John Mannion, Haley McCormack, Paige McCormack, Christian Nadeau, Juliette Nadeau, Daniel O’Toole, David Richard, Alison Rivotto, Virginia Robertson, Mark Rubino, Caroline Sablone, Emily Sullivan, Sean Sullivan, Michael Sverdlove, Rachael Sverdlove, Kevin Swansburg, Lena Syed, Molly Twomey, Adam Westervelt, Olivia Zizza


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