Why I am Running for the Office of Selectman

To all in North Reading:

My name is Jeffrey Yull and I am running for the office of Selectman this coming May 6th, 2014.

Every year brings changes that require new ideas and a new approach to managing town affairs.  We often don’t know what they are going to be.  This year there will be a new Town Administrator, a new Selectman and possibly a new Finance Director.  This would amount to a significant change in key management personnel that will impact how the town is managed from the top down.  Add a new selectman to the equation and the approach will be different.

 Since my last term as Selectman I have been interested in returning.  If elected it will be an honor to serve North Reading once again.

Knowing there are many talented people in our town I had hoped some residents would step forward and become candidates not only for Selectman, but for the Community Planning Commission and others.  Upon reading that no one is stepping up to run for Selectman in the Transcript this past week, and a little nudge, I decided to pull papers and run for Selectman.  While collecting signatures, the feedback I received from those who know me and others was encouraging.

Whoever reads this I make this plea, this is your town, no one else can make North Reading reach its potential, but you.  Many residents volunteer, many more are needed.  Look around and know that many before you created the reasons why you moved here in the first place and know that you can do the same for those who follow.  We have a responsibility to build upon the hard work of those who came before us.  So please, come forward and bring your skill set.  If elected, I will be the first one to shake your hand and welcome you.

The most important thing is town government must be ‘effective’ in purpose.  Its purpose is to provide services to the community.  Those services must be managed ‘efficiently’ in order to provide quality services for the town of North Reading.

I believe in building consensus where Board members, in our case five, share their ideas on a given issue and jointly come up with a resolve that best addresses the needs and concerns of the day.  It should never be about us, but always about what is good for North Reading. A key factor to achieving this is transparency.

Through no fault of anyone the office of Selectman is the weakest link in town government.  It would be the strongest, if Board members combined their individual knowledge and abilities with that of experts to help guide the Board in the direction that is best for the community.  Selectmen are mostly idea individuals with the government know-how and legal aspects coming from those at the top of their field.  How a Board utilizes such expertise determines its strength and success, which is in the best interest of North Reading.

There are approximately 49 town committees in which the Board of Selectmen has liaisons.  Communication between the Finance Committee, the Community Planning Commission, and other committees must be improved and continuous.  The knowledge within these committees is like an untouched gold mine, rich with ideas.  Add a quality relationship with our State Senator and State Representative, and we can accomplish many great things for our town.

We are a good town, a prosperous town made up of people who care.  We don’t turn our backs on anyone.  We reach out, help.  Some of us do more, some less, but we all do something.  Read the Transcript, you can see the kindness, sincerity, and devotion we have for each other.

Send me an email (jyull4selectman@verizon.net) or a letter to: Jeff Yull for Selectman 427 Park Street to let me know what direction you prefer North Reading to go, the top three or four things you feel we should do, what you like most about how the town is managed, or anything else you that has crossed your mind.  For me it’s about listening, your input becomes knowledge, knowledge leads to ideas, and ideas lead to solutions.  I will bring your ideas to my first BOS meeting for discussion.  This is the responsibility the Board of Selectmen has to the residents of North Reading.  This is my approach to making our town a better place to live.  Thank you.  Jeffrey Yull


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