Is It the Final Chapter for Got Books?

Got Books collects used books from donation containers located New England, and refurbishes them for sale through the subsidiary company, Used Book Superstore.

One of the hundreds of Got Books donation containers located around New England. Photo Credit: File.
One of the hundreds of Got Books donation containers located around New England. Photo Credit: File.

A Wilmington book donation company that once had a store on Concord Street in North Reading will be closing after more than a decade in business. 

Got Books, headquartered at 40 Fordham Road in Wilmington, collects used books from individuals at their home or office and from hundreds of donation containers located throughout New England.

The Wilmington Chamber of Commerce confirmed Wednesday that Got Books had gone out of business. 

Got Books President Bob Ticehurst did not return call for comment on Wednesday afternoon. 

Got Books has more than 500 donation containers throughout New England at schools, town halls, retail parking lots and other public locations for free and Got Books pays the container hosts when their donated items are collected.

Letters will soon be sent out to "bin hosts" detailing specifics on how to proceed, including payment on any funds owed to the hosts, according to the Wilmington Chamber. 

Got Books has paid nearly more than one million dollars to fundraising partners, according to their website.

Got Books would sell donated books through their subsidiary company Used Book Superstore, which used to have a Wilmington location.

Less than two months after ribbons were cut and doors opened at the Used Book Superstore in Wilmington, the company announced in December with little notice it closed the Wilmington location.

Used Book Superstore has locations in Burlington, Danvers and Salem, NH.


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