What Makes Your Mom So Great?

Do you have a fantastic mom? Is the mother of your children just the best? Let the world know!

Is your mom absolutely wonderful? Is the mother of your children simply awesome?

Well don't keep it to yourself, let your friends and neighbors know how awesome you think she is!

In honor of Mother's Day, Patch is inviting you to let your voice be heard by submitting a brief testimonial, sharing why the No. 1 lady in your life is so amazingly special!

Give your mom the public praise she deserves!

Posting is super-easy. Just follow these instructions!:

1) Log in to your free account at North Reading Patch

2) Post to our Local Voices section:

  • Post here!
  • Direct link is: http://northreading.patch.com/blog_posts/new

  • 3) Fill out the form. Make sure to add a photo by uploading media—it really adds some pizzazz to your post and gets it noticed by readers!

    4) Click "Save & Preview" at the end of the form. Then click "Submit" so that it will be automatically approved and immediately posted on the site.

    5) Tell all your friends to check out your post about your mom on North Reading Patch!


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