How Many Tickets Did NRPD Give Out Last Year?

Find out how many tickets were given out, and for what.

Welcome to You Ask... Patch Answers where we answer readers questions. We recently received a question about the number of tickets that the NRPD gave out last year. Here's your answer.

According to the North Reading Police Department, 355 tickets were issued in 2012. 

More than 100 of those tickets were given out for speeding and 73 were given for red light or stop sign violations. Twenty-seven of those tickets were issued for a suspended or revoked license or registration.

Take a look at how many tickets were given out last year, and what they were for.

Violation Number of tickets given Speeding 103 Red light/Stop sign 73 Lane 21 Defective equipment 24 Insurance 15 Suspended/revoked licenses/registrations 27 Operating under the influence 12 Inspection sticker 12 License (90/10 and 90/11) 34 Failure to yield 21 Unregistered motor vehicle 13 Total: 355

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