Police Log: GPS Stolen From Car

Monday, March 24

At 11:38 a.m., an officer spoke to a landscaper who was reportedly blowing sand and dirt onto Main Street.

At 11:59 a.m., an Eisenhaure Lane resident reported a healthy looking coyote. Animal control was notified.

At 6 p.m., a Park Street resident reported a neighbor received a call about a $250,000 lottery. The neighbor said she didn’t enter a lottery. Police informed the woman that it was likely a scam.


Tuesday, March 25

At 11:04 a.m., a Peter Road resident reported that someone entered a vehicle overnight and stole a GPS.

At 12:18 p.m., a Lowell Road resident reported an apartment was burglarized. Police are investigating.

At 6:30 p.m., a North Reading resident reported her daughter received inappropriate texts from an Internet company.

At 9:17 p.m., police responded to Park Street after a driver struck a guardrail. The driver was taken to Winchester Hospital and the car was towed.


Wednesday, March 26

At 2:10 p.m., a North Reading resident reported that he lost two debit cars while on vacation. They were used for fuel purchases. Police took a report.

At 2:32 p.m., a Lisa Lane resident reported youths were throwing bottles and trash out a car window and onto people’s lawns. Police spoke to the youths.

At 10:26 p.m., police responded to Main Street after a woman found a note on her car with “disturbing messages.” Police arrived and found the note was left by a friend as a joke.


Thursday, March 27

At 1:06 p.m., a Department of Public Works employee reported finding a hypodermic needle at North Street and Lowell Road. Police confiscated the needle.

At 4:19 p.m., police responded to a minor accident at McDonald’s. One vehicle was towed. 


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