Resident Charged With Drug Felonies

Jeffrey M. Loesch was arrested in September and recently arraigned on four felony counts of drug violations.

Jeffrey M. Loesch, 24, of 7 Eisenhower Lane  for possession of Class A (heroin) and B (oxycodone) substances. Loesch was arraigned this month in Woburn District Court on four felony counts of drug violations.

According to , last September Loesch and a female passenger were both arrested on Gloria Lane. A Detective Division investigation led to new and more serious drug offenses, and the original charges were dropped.

The new charges include: distribution of a Class B substance (oxycodone) subsequent offense, possession of a Class B (oxycodone) substance with intent to distribute, subsequent offense, possession of Class A (heroin), and violations of controlled substance laws within a school zone.


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