How the U.S. Senate Election Impacts North Reading

The election has caused North Reading to move their original local election date and request additional funds for the June election.

The U.S. Senate primary will take place in North Reading on April 30 and the election on June 25. Town Clerk Barbara Stats weighs in on the affects unplanned elections have on the town.

The cost

Elections typically cost $10,000 in North Reading, which is a ballpark estimate Stats said. Anytime there is a special election that is not budgeted, she requests the money from the Finance Committee Reserve Fund.

"That’s the standard protocol,” Stats said.

Three years ago when Scott Brown ran against Martha Coakley for U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy's seat in a special election the town was reimbursed by the state, “so we will hope that we get reimbursed for this as well,” Stats explained.

In order to save money on the primary, North Reading moved the date of their local election so they could hold it the same day as the U.S. Senate primary. Both elections will take place on April 30.

Will the town have enough poll workers?

As for the June election, Stats is not worried about having enough poll workers in the summer months like some town clerks may be. In fact, March is the most difficult month for her to hold an election, she said, because most of her workers are retired and go away during the winter. Most of them are around in the summer, she explained. 


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