Imbriano Added As Official Write-In for School Committee

There are now four candidates running for two seats.

Secondary Schools Building Committee member Janene Imbriano is now in the race for a seat on the School Committee as a write-in candidate. Joe Veno and current School Committee member Michael Kushakji will also be on the ballot as official write-in candidates. The committee's current Chairman Mel Webster will be on the ballot as well.

Imbriano and her husband have been residents in town since 1995. They have three children. She has "seen this town grow and blossom into an incredible community," she said.

"For many years, I served on the Hood School Parents' Association and as a
Catechist for St. Theresa's Religious Education program. I currently run
the Children's Hour at St. Theresa's Parish. As a member of the Secondary
Schools Building Committee since April 2005, I have had the pleasure of
seeing North Reading afford itself one of the greatest gifts it can give,
the new school project," she told Patch.

She went on to say that while the project has presented challenges, it is necessary and something that the town can be proud of for years to come. 

She would like to serve on the School Committee to keep "North
Reading's academic excellence on-going while maintaining economic integrity."

There are now four candidates running for two seats on the School Committee. Imbriano will be on the ballot as a write-in along with Veno and Kushakji. Webster will also be on the ballot, but not as a write-in.


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