Veno, Kushakji Official Write-Ins on Ballot for Upcoming Election

There are now three candidates running for two seats.

Up until Tuesday, North Reading did not have any contested races in this year's local election. However, Joe Veno submitted a letter yesterday requesting to be an official write-in candidate for the School Committee, according to Town Clerk Barbara Stats. Now, three candidates will compete for two seats on the School Committee.

Both Veno and current School Committee member Michael Kushakji will be on the ballot as official write-in candidates and the committee's current Chairman Mel Webster will be on the ballot as well.

Veno said he is running for the School Committee because he has more than 20 years of experience in town government. He spent 15 of those years on the Board of Selectmen and believes that he will be "an asset to the School Committee."

"I have proven I have, can and will make the commitment to put the time and effort in that is expected of a School Committee member. I feel it would be good for the town to have someone on the School Committee that may have some new ideas and thought on how we might move forward," he said.

Veno is also running for the Housing Authority.

Kushakji did return , according to Stats. That left him with only one option: to request to be an official write-in candidate. 

Veno, Kushakji and Webster will compete for two spots on the School Committee at this year's election on April 30. Today is the last day to register to vote.


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