Who's Your Favorite Teacher?

In honor of National Teacher Day, we ask you to share your stories of gratitude, and let us know who the best teacher in North Reading is.

Tuesday, May 7, is National Teacher Day, according to the National Education Association.

Teachers have long been among the most unsung heroes of our time, affecting and shaping the brains of countless individuals without truly getting acknowledged for their remarkable influence.

By the way, teachers, bring your teacher ID to any Chipotle and the meal's on them. The details are on the restaurant's Facebook page.

Today, in honor of this day, we ask you to share your stories about your favorite teacher. Or, we ask that you shine the light on a remarkable teacher in North Reading. Did an educator change your life? Say something to you, or teach you something that would forever influence you? Who do you think is the best teacher in town, and why? Tell us about this teacher below, as we at Patch would like to spotlight these teachers in the future.

Hello May 07, 2013 at 10:00 PM
Mr. Cassell over at the Batch is incredibly dedicated and unique in his approach to education through agriculture. He's always looking to challenge students' minds through brain games and "hidden rules" of the world that maybe aren't so concrete.
Hello May 07, 2013 at 10:01 PM
Mr. Damiano teaches 8th grade history at the middle school and I can honestly say as someone in high school that he's pretty much inspired me more than any other adult in my life. He values everyday applications of his curriculum as much as he does the factual material itself and that is absolutely something I wish every teacher did. At the start of every class he asks students to share current world events they've heard about or seen on the news and then he discusses and explains them and their impact on the world as well as students' lives; there isn't one class he doesn't do it and he always says it's as important to him as the daily world history lesson required by the state frameworks. His connection with students is on such a personal level. He has quotes of the day, weekly Italian pasta mini-lessons, and inspirations abound. His story itself is inspiring - he immigrated to America from a small town in Italy during a time of turmoil there when he was just a child and the first thing he noticed when he got here were how incredibly tall the sky scrapers are. I could go on forever about how much of a difference he makes in so many lives. Not to mention he has a health problem with one of his eyes that requires him to wear sunglasses and still manages to be the best teacher probably in the whole district, at least in my opinion. If you're going to "spotlight" a teacher in the future like it says in the article, it should be one of the two I just mentioned.


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